Tree Spirits

by Chant the Trees

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Rebecca Ballogg
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Rebecca Ballogg So excited about your album! Congratulations! I love your beautiful music! Favorite track: Wildwood Hearth.
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released November 23, 2013



all rights reserved


Chant the Trees Clearwater, Florida

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Track Name: Book of Time
This book is bound in time.
Track Name: Wildwood Hearth
Come you, rest by my fire
Cold and alone
Among brush and briar

I know the snow
I know the thunder
I know the story
I know the wonder

And what it's like
When it all goes away

Come you, rest by my fire
Tell me, tell me the tales
Of loss and desire

I know the thief
I know his plunder
I know the wanderer
But not what he wonders

And I know
What it's like
To be afraid

Do you know
What it' like
To be afraid?

Come you, rest by my fire
Fill me with hope
And lost desire

Come you, rest by my fire
Come you, stay for awhile
Track Name: Moonshine Still
Went up to the mountain
What did I see?

Looked over the mountain
Saw the Ghost of the Sweet Gum Tree

Said to ghost
When it rains it pours in the Sweet Gum Tree

Ran down that mountain
Met my pa at the old mill
Pa said to me...
Track Name: Summoning Dance
My brother and I
We waited for you
At the top of the mountain
With nothing to lose

We spoke not a word
And made not a sound
But crossed through the forest
To where the wolves dine

There you appeared
With the blood on your hands
The bird on your shoulder
Your eyes in a trance

Mmmm, and we cried...

My brother and I
We await the moon
For the time and the place
Where all things are through

Hold fast and follow
The old winding path
Back up the mountain
To meet us at last

And you will arrive
With the bones in your hand
The words on your lips
For the Summoning Dance

Mmmm, and we'll cry...
Track Name: The Tree that Grew at Night
Sow me
Throw me down
Toss me around

And hold me
Hide me where I can't be found
In the light

Behold me
Stroke my leaves
I am your tree

And fold me
Into the ground of soil and seed

I am
The shadow creeping 'round at night
By starlight

My only friends
The growing things and you

So what will you do with us?...

Grow me
Into that tall and ageless tree
And show me
What it means to be at peace inside
Track Name: Rip Van Winkled
Bound for the wild
Set out from your home
Away from every sadness
And toil you have known

Where did you go old man?
Where did you go old man?

The owl as she flies,
Closes here eyes.
A tear for the mortal
All bound to die.

In the haunted hollow
Nine-pins in their hands
Drink of the liquor,
Drink while you can

Your lover is dead
And the wolves took your land

Where have you been so long, old man?
Where have you been so long, old man?

Old man, beard long and white
Sad to say you've been away for more than a night
Old man, sadness in your eyes
Sad to say you've been away for more than a night

The owl as she flies
Closes her eyes
A tear for the mortal,
All bound to die.